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"Callista have proven that they have a live show worth seeing.

Blending melodic hardcore with elements of post-rock, black metal and

orchestral music to create an ethereal atmosphere; driven on passion and misery.

2019 promises to be Callista’s year with several singles planned

and a horde of dates lining up in support of new material."

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Callista - Dear You

To Be Released: 07 March 2019

Published independently.

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Scott Dunstone (Vocalist):


Dear You is a song about letting go.

It’s about that crippling dilemma - do you give in to your own selfish desires and wish for a loved one to stay, or do you want what’s best for them, even if that isn’t with you?


It’s about those nights you lay awake and perpetually replay all of your cherished memories with someone who is no longer there. It’s about the most basic of human desires, the need to be loved and the need to be remembered.

These words are directly written about a particularly difficult period of time in my life. While it can make you feel very vulnerable to put such real feelings and fears out there, this method of writing has, for me at least, always created the end product I’m most proud of and emotionally connected to."


Callista - Drown In You

Released: 15 December 2018

Published independently.

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